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Immigration Sponsors DNA testing


For U.S. sponsors who need DNA parentage testing to prove relationship, we schedule the sponsor here in the United States for their collection and have the beneficiary's specimen collected in the country where they are located. All samples are sent to an approved laboratory certified by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB). In approximately 14 days after testing begins you will receive a copy of your report and the original will be sent to the embassy or immigration and naturalization services according to specified instructions.

It is our policy to follow the guidelines given to our clients from the embassy or immigration agencies. The laboratories we use have years of experience in organizing testing for U.S. sponsors and their beneficiaries and have done so in more than thirty countries.

For more information and to schedule your case, call (718) 597 8383.

Immigration / Parentage Testing:

When primary and secondary documentation evidence are found insufficient to establish relationship, parentage blood testing is an option available to applicants. Our staff has made this possible for petitioners and beneficiaries to be tested in more than 30 countries. Testing is done in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB). If you are the petitioner in an immigration case and the beneficiary is in another country, we work with the embassies or panel physician in other countries to have the samples collected from the beneficiary and sent to our laboratory for testing.


DNA testing can be performed to determine paternity, maternity or sibling relationship. Most commonly, a buccal swab test is performed. This procedure is as accurate as a blood test and is non-invasive. Cells removed from the inner lining of the cheek with a swab are used for DNA testing. The procedure eliminates the need for needles and blood samples and provides a valid sample for testing

Comprehensive Service:

We offer our clients the latest in DNA technology by fostering relationships with laboratories that have the highest standards and unequaled level of service. We can schedule cases locally and abroad and we offer the highest quality of service to all of our clients.

NON-IMMIGRATION TESTING: Other services offered, include non-immigration related parentage testing, paternity and maternity testing, siblingship testing, twin zygosity testing, prenatal DNA testing and family studies.

TO SCHEDULE CALL 718 597 8383



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